The SilverCrest Mission

Mission and SilverAdvantage

SilverCrest is committed to creating senior communities of excellence through a vibrant and engaging lifestyle of wellness, independence, dignity and care.

Eden Prairie assisted living home


SilverCrest Properties sets itself apart through distinguished services to our residents, families and team members. This is achieved through our service delivery model known as SilverAdvantage™. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is the acronym for SilverAdvantage™ and each letter represents a core value that is being delivered daily to our residents. The most important letter is “R” which stands for “Residents First” and drives all the other values supported in our philosophy.


Resident First

Residents are the priority, they are treated as individuals and referred to by name. Team members are proactive rather than reactive in responding to the needs and desires of residents.


Team members work to provide opportunities that allow everyone to get to the same finish line. They will also ensure that needed resources are quickly identified and provided and will remain open to diverse experiences.

Safety and Security

All personal information about residents is kept private and is treated as confidential. It is the responsibility of all team members to ensure the safety of the residents and respond to issues promptly and positively with appropriate follow-up.


Team members take pride in their appearance and a job well done. Team members are truthful and act with good intent at all times. The relationships of team members with residents and other customers have appropriate boundaries.

Enriching Lives & Enthusiasm and Energy

Team members maintain a positive “can do” attitude and share a smile that lets everyone know they are glad to be here. Team members encourage independence and uphold dignity by offering choices, services and resources to our residents whenever possible. All team members promote the Six Dimensions of Wellness (emotional, social, physical, spiritual, vocational and intellectual health) through programming and daily interactions with residents.


Team members promote a strong community environment that provides a home-like atmosphere and helps residents feel important and included. Team members take pride in their community, and an active role in keeping it looking its best. The community itself plays an active role in the community at large.

Team Work

Team members commit to their teammates by understanding how all departments work together. They support and appreciate their co-workers and strive to make their community better every single day.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to enhance the lives of those we serve. Our goal is to help our residents live each day to its fullest as they age in place, gracefully and with dignity.


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