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SilverCrest Reflections Dementia Care

SilverCrest Properties exclusive Reflections Dementia Care® program provides positive, person-centered everyday experiences that give meaning and value to the lives of those we serve. Our extensive training program details the expectations and importance of resident engagement, the dining experience, hydration, environment, and family involvement.  We teach our team how to understand the needs of a person living with dementia, and trains caregivers to respond to them with compassion and creativity. Our program cornerstones include the following:

  • Daily life activities that tap into residents past experiences and give them feelings of success.
  • Enriching lives, using a validation approach: accepting residents at their current level of functioning and “joining their journey.”
  • An approach tailored to accommodate resident’s changing needs.
  • Secured, homelike environment designed to provide cues and multi-sensory programming.
  • Family support, education, library, counseling, and involvement in resident programming.

Reflections Dining Program

In our Reflections neighborhood, our residents come together and are offered a more intimate, supportive dining experience. At our three meals per day, residents are offered color-contrasting tableware and linens which help the residents see their food more easily and promotes independence. Finger foods, special diets and adaptive equipment recommendations are available for those in need. With our casual, social, and interactive environment in Reflections Dining, our residents feel like special guests which allows for a more enjoyable and successful meal experience.


‘Staycation’ ideas have been recommended by the Directors of various Reflections Neighborhoods of SilverCrest Properties. These are places you can go around the metro here in Minnesota with your loved one living with dementia. Recommendations are made based on how dementia-friendly the venue is and more importantly what the residents thought of the experience and the positive feedback they gave. The residents of Reflections have enjoyed these short trips and we hope that you do too!

Ask Amy

Have Questions About Reflections Dementia Care?

Amy House is an Independent Certified Positive Approach to Care Trainer, a Dementia Care Practitioner, and the Director of Dementia Care at our Brightondale community in New Brighton, MN.

She welcomes any questions that you or your family may have on your dementia care journey. Amy also invites you to learn about Teepa Snow’s Senior Gems™ that help you understand the stages of dementia in Alzheimer’s with this training video.

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