Now’s the time to plan your move if you’re thinking about senior living. It may seem somewhat early but there are a lot of things to get in order for the sale of your home, downsizing and moving into senior housing. Plus, it’s a seller’s market! Housing market experts are predicting a year of continued high demand and rising home prices, which means you’ll get more than what you’re asking for.

Navigating senior living options can be difficult, and often a lot to comprehend. SilverCrest Communities have expert and knowledgeable senior living advisors to help guide you through the specific stages of your journey with kindness, compassion, and comfort. We recommend starting this journey by scheduling a visit to one of our communities and meeting an advisor to discuss your current situation.

At our SilverCrest communities, our senior living advisors will help provide you with information about their community as well as answer some questions that you may have asked yourself:

Next, you’ll want to find a trusted Realtor, we have great resources for that as well if you need some. You may already have someone in mind, but if you don’t, you’ll want to interview a few Realtors for the job. The Realtor you decide on will help you determine what may need to be done or not done to your home for showing, figure out pricing and the best time to put it on the market.

As we finish up this pesky winter season, it’s time to give your home a good deep clean or hire someone for the job. It’s also a good time to make sure everything is in good maintenance and working correctly (or call a son-in-law).

The process of decluttering your home can also be started while you are cleaning. Consider a move manager that can assist in walking through how and what to discard and what to bring with you. They can also work with the senior community you’re moving to and get all of your belongings moved and set up in your new apartment home just the way it was at home.

Once the birds are chirping and the snow is melted, you’re ready for selling your home and making the move to a senior community.

Contact an advisor team today to find out what’s available and start planning your move today!


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